Horizon 2020 IKT

ICT-23-2019: EU-Taiwan 5G collaboration

Deadline: 15 januari 2019

This activity, integrated end-to-end network for 5G trials, is to test 5G systems for specific applications and it follows up on the first targeted opening call with Taiwan in which 5G research and demonstration facilities offered by Taiwan towards collaborative 5G research with the EU.

The scope is to conduct 5G trials addressing technology and business validation of 5G end-to-end connectivity and associated management from applications in Taiwan that will support the development of mmWave, massive MIMO, new air interfaces, multi-user access and other technologies, aiming to increase the network capacity in an ultra-dense network and to provide access for a massive number of devices.

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Horizon 2020 Informations- och kommunikationsteknik (IKT) ger möjlighet för såväl SMEs som stora företag, inom alla industriella områden och tekniknivåer. Med Horizon 2020 kan företaget få delfinansiering från EU för projektrelaterad forskning och utveckling. Bl.a. för projekt inom molntjänster, IoT, framtidens internet og robotar og autonoma system. 

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