Horizon 2020 IKT

ICT-09-2019-2020: Robotics in Application Areas

Deadline: 28 mars 2019

While robots originated in large-scale mass manufacturing, they are now spreading to more and more application areas. In these new settings, robots are often faced with new technical and non-technical challenges.

Research and Innovation Actions: Proposals are expected to enable substantially improved solutions to challenging technical issues, with a view of take-up in applications with high socio-economic impact.

Innovation Actions: Establish large-scale pilots capable of demonstrating the use of robotics at scale in actual or highly realistic operating environments; showcase advanced prototype applications built around platforms operating in real or near-real environments and demonstrate high levels of socio-economic impact.

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Horizon 2020 Informations- och kommunikationsteknik (IKT) ger möjlighet för såväl SMEs som stora företag, inom alla industriella områden och tekniknivåer. Med Horizon 2020 kan företaget få delfinansiering från EU för projektrelaterad forskning och utveckling. Bl.a. för projekt inom molntjänster, IoT, framtidens internet og robotar og autonoma system. 

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