EU Innovation Fund - Small Scale Projects

10 - 40M kr i stöd till demonstration inom:

Om EU Innovation Fund - Small Scale Projects

The Innovation Fund call for Small Scale Projects helps you carry out demonstration activities of your low-carbon technology, process or product. Your innovation must be scalable and clearly contribute to a climate-neutral economy. Projects with a total capital expenditure between EUR 2,5M and EUR 7,5M are eligible.

Possibilities under the Innovation Fund call for Small Scale Projects

The grant funds 60% of the capital costs for activities that support the construction and operation of low-carbon innovations including:

  • Renewables
  • Energy storage
  • Solutions to significantly reduce emissions in energy-intensive industries
  • Direct air capture
  • Carbon capture and storage/utilization
  • Substitute products

The grants will be disbursed in a flexible way based on project financing needs, taking into account the milestones achieved during the project lifetime.
Up to 40% of the grants can be given based on pre-defined milestones before the whole project is fully up and running.

Eligibility and award criteria for the Small Scale Projects call

Legal persons, private entities and/or public entities are eligible to apply. Projects will be selected based on:

  • effectiveness of greenhouse gas emissions avoidance
  • degree of innovation
  • project maturity
  • scalability
  • cost efficiency


Kommande deadlines

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