Green Development and Demonstration Programme

0,3 - 20M kr i stöd till forskning, utveckling och demonstration inom:

Om Green Development and Demonstration Programme

The Green Development and Demonstration Programme (GUDP) supports projects in the food industry, which aim to create new and improved technologies and apply the technologies in products, processes and/or services. The target group for GUDP are actors in the food industry, for example:

  • Private companies
  • Industry organizations
  • Research institutions

Participants can, upon successful application, achieve:

  • Grant amount of DKK 250,000 - 15 million
  • Network for development partners and market
  • Technology and knowledge supply

GUDP provides grants for ambitious, business-oriented innovation in the Danish food industry through green transformation. The projects must simultaneously support green and economic sustainability.

Possibilities within GUDP

GUDP places particular emphasis on the directly measurable climate impact of the projects. There are typically two annual application rounds.

GUDP supports innovative projects in:

  • Environment
  • Climate
  • Sustainable use of resources
  • Gentle production methods incl. animal welfare
  • Food safety
  • Human health and nutrition
  • Food quality

Research can be included in GUDP projects when it is a relevant means of achieving concrete development and demonstration goals that promote a well-documented path towards the market.

Requirements for support from GUDP

  • GUDP prioritises projects that promote both green and economic sustainability with emphasis on projects with a direct, measurable climate effect.
  • The projects must have a clear news value, relevance, professional quality and an anchoring in the business world.
  • The scheme can be applied for by one or more participants.
  • The projects may last a maximum of 4 years (network projects, however, a maximum of 2 years).

Kommande deadlines

Nedan står kommande deadlines för Green Development and Demonstration Programme. Förvänta er att processen att skriva förslaget tar 1-2 månade.


The Green Development and Demonstration Programme provides grants for projects in the development or demonstration phase as well as network projects, that promote both green and economic sustainability in the food industry. Special priority is given to projects with direct, measurable climate effects. The fund supports projects with between DKK 250,000 and 15 million DKK, however, for network projects only up to DKK 2 million.

Projects may development or demonstration new:

  • Technologies
  • Tools
  • Production systems
  • Analysis methods
  • Processes
  • Products
  • Management and logistics solutions

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