Green Development and Demonstration Programme

0,3 - 20M kr i stöd till utveckling och demonstration inom:

Om Green Development and Demonstration Programme

With support from Green Development and Demonstration Programme (GUDP) companies can undertake development, demonstration and networking projects that develop and/or demonstrate business oriented thinking in the Danish food industry through green transition that simultaneously supports both environmental sustainability and economic sustainability.

Possibilities within GUDP

Green Development and Demonstration Programme (GUDP) supports both small and large companies initiating projects within the following areas:

  • Sustainable crop production
  • Sustainable livestock production with better animal welfare
  • CO2-neutral energy production in agriculture
  • Market-driven organic production
  • Productivity gains and increased value creation Sustainable fisheries and sustainable aquaculture production

Upon successful application, companies can get

  • Funding of DKK 0,25 M – 15 M
  • Network to secure development partners and market

Requirements within GUDP

Projects funded by Green Development and Demonstration Programme (GUDP) are industry-driven projects in the farming, fishing and aquaculture industry. Projects should aim to create new and improved technologies, and apply these technologies on products, in processes or in services. In addition, GUDP ensures that funds are allocated for projects in the food sector.

GUDP supports projects that focus on the interaction between sustainability, efficiency and value boost. Companies may apply alone or with partners. The project duration cannot outlast four years.

Kommande deadlines

Nedan står kommande deadlines för Green Development and Demonstration Programme. Förvänta er att processen att skriva förslaget tar 1-2 månade.


This call supports development and demonstration projects and network projects. Funded projects are to result in both green and economic sustainability effects. GUDP support the development of new:

  • Technologies
  • Tools
  • Production systems
  • Analysis Methods
  • Processes
  • Products
  • Management and logistics solutions

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