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Media for democracy – democratic media

Deadline: 20 april 2022

Scope: A robust, independent and transparent media landscape ensuring a plurality of views is an essential part of a functioning democracy. Through control and criticism, offering a stage for the competition of ideas and interests and promoting political participation, inclusion and responsible action of citizens, the media can be a powerful source of legitimation and external check on incumbent authorities. As recalled by the recent European Democracy Action Plan adopted by the European Commission, media plays a central role as the “fourth pillar of democracy” by informing citizens and holding public institutions and businesses to account as well as by enhancing democratic values such as pluralism and tolerance.

Expected Outcome: Projects should contribute to all of the following expected outcomes:

  • Demonstrate how citizens and policymakers can contribute to a healthy and reinvigorated democracy through media.
  • Improved quality, accountability and transparency of media production and distribution processes, and contribution to a more resilient democratic institutional framework.
  • Enhanced citizen’s participation and decision-making through enlightened access to pluralistic media content.


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Horizon Europe Cluster 2, Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society aims to meet EU goals and priorities on enhancing democratic governance and citizens participation, on the safeguarding and promotion of cultural heritage, and to respond to and shape multifaceted social, economic, technological and cultural transformations. Cluster 2 mobilises multidisciplinary expertise of European social sciences and humanities for understanding fundamental contemporary transformations of society, economy, politics, and culture. It aims to provide evidence-based policy options for a socially just and inclusive European green and digital transition and recovery.

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