MUDP - The Danish Eco-Innovation program

0,6 - 10M kr i stöd till utveckling, demonstration och test inom:

Om MUDP - The Danish Eco-Innovation program

MUDP’s vision is that Danish companies must be among the best in the world to develop, commercialize and apply the environmental technology solutions of the future. Therefore, the fund provides DKK 120M in 2022 for projects that promote new, innovative ideas, contribute to a greener world, create Danish jobs and export environmental technology.

Opportunities with MUDP

MUDP can support private and public companies, research institutions and self-governing institutions, industry organizations, associations and groups of the above as well as private individuals. MUDP has described 4 project types that can be considered for support:

  • Preliminary projects and Verification of environmentally efficient technologies (ETV): MUDP has set aside DKK 7.5M for preliminary projects and verification of environmentally efficient technologies and projects can receive a maximum of DKK 500,000 in co-financing. MUDP can finance 70% of the project budget for these project types, which fall under the de minimis rules.
  • Development, test and demonstration projects: MUDP has set aside DKK 56M for development, testing and demonstration projects, and the fund would like to see applications in the range of DKK 5-10M, but it is also possible to apply for smaller amounts. MUDP finances 25-70% of the project budget depending on the size of the applicant organisation and whether funded activities are development activities or testing and demonstration activities.
  • Lighthouse projects: DKK 56M has been set aside for lighthouse projects and the fund provides no limitation to the amount you can apply for. MUDP co-finances 40% - 60% of the project budget depending on the size of the applicant organisation.

Requirements for MUDP projects

MUDP specifically focuses on projects within the following areas:

  • Clean water and clean air
  • Circular economy
  • Environmentally hazardous substances and better chemistry
  • Wild nature, biodiversity and climate

However, they also provide funding for other environment technology projects if the idea is good enough.

Applications for funding from the MUDP are assessed on their effect on the following parameters:

  • Environmental and resource potential
  • Commercialization and business potential
  • The project's novelty, incentive effect and professional quality
  • The quality of the project description

In addition, the application must clearly describe:

  • Target group and added value for users
  • Market potential and potential for growth and employment in Denmark
  • The competitive situation for the project's technology / solution
  • The road to market for the project's technology / solution, including who will commercialize the project in the long run
  • Risks and uncertainty

MUDP attaches great importance to projects being business-driven and that there is a business potential as well as an environmental one. Universities and research institutions can be included to ensure the inclusion of research-based knowledge.

Kommande deadlines

Det finns för närvarande ingen utlysningar för MUDP.

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